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The Misguided Quest: Can AI Transform Your Business? ‚Äč


The tech world is prone to hype cycles, like the Blockchain frenzy that promised to solve all business issues. Now, AI is the new buzzword, and I'm often asked, "What can AI do?" This question misses the mark, shifting focus from the critical question businesses should ask:

What problem are we trying to solve?

Businesses must align with their core values and monitor technological shifts that could impact them. The real issue isn't AI's capabilities but whether it can address specific business challenges such as growth, innovation, profitability, delivery speed, talent management, or market differentiation.

The relevant question is:

Can AI help us meet our goals?

Often, the answer is no, as AI isn't a cure-all. But when AI aligns with business needs, it can significantly enhance operations.

We should pivot the conversation from AI's general abilities to how it can tackle particular business problems. This ensures AI is a strategic asset, not just a novelty.

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