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Getting to know me ‚Äč

Hello there, I'm a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for both hardware and software that spans over two decades. My journey began in 1995 when I stumbled upon a BASIC programming book for MO5, which soon evolved into a fascination with PC hardware when I got my first computer in 1996.

In the late 90s, I moved quickly away from Quick Basic on to C and C++. I started developing small 3D games using OpenGL in 2002. I've always been intrigued by system-level programming and the concept of threads, which led me to explore Linux in depth, including building it from scratch in 2005 with LFS.

In 2003, I started assembling PCs at a local computer store, and by 2004, I was teaching computer basics to retirees. Graduating from ENSERG in 2007, I started working with microcontrollers and embedded Linux at Freescale.

I co-founded and lead a software development agency of 15 employees for 10 years. There I helped tailor software solutions that can run on-prem in secure environments for the broadcast industry with Orange (Globecast) and the energy sector with EDF.

Now, I help businesses and engineering teams understand and leverage AI technologies in their projects, from identifying high-impact use cases to tailored training workshops. I also provide assistance in pilot projects for faster results.

Pierre Alexandre SCHEMBRI

Pierre Alexandre SCHEMBRI

Owner @ Advanced Stack

Advanced Stack