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Prompting is the act of splitting and delegating a task ‚Äč


It's 2024 and the web is still behind the most simple webpage ever : Google.

Something changed though, ChatGPT demonstrated how much we (humans) wanted to obtain results from our computers: We ask a query and we expect the most relevant answer.

Nobody go through the millions of records Google has for us.

But there's one thing that surprised me : I don't know that much people using ChatGPT (and even less the API), only 2/3 tech enthusiasts. What is still very early is the usage. Although you'll find prompt cheat sheets by the dozen on LinkedIn or X, the average person does not know what to do with LLMs.

Digging more on that topic with fellow entrepreneurs (who use several LLMs), we came to the conclusion that in order to capture most of the value provided by LLMs, one would have to know how to delegate tasks.

Even if I installed ChatGPT on my iPhone, I don't use it that much. Instead, what I use the most is an integration I made within Sublime Text for writing and coding:

I don't ask questions, I delegate tasks.

You may already do this but there's one tip I use every time: I write prompts with a action words :

  • Provide a list of ...
  • Translate the following ...
  • Extract the most relevant ...
  • Write the code to perform ...

No question mark.

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